Logo City Clean

For City Clean, the end of the Berlin Wall marked the defining moment that sparked the development of a small firm in West Berlin into a mid-market company with deliveries nationwide.

More than 40 years ago, Hubert Weber started his business by pioneering an entirely new market: His idea of a periodic pick-up service for collecting, exchanging and cleaning the door mats in entrance areas of restaurants, hotels, and stores met with instant success in 1973. Like many other corporate success stories, City Clean started out in a backyard. Two employees, one washing machine, some improvisation and plenty of gumption – these were the ingredients for an auspicious start-up.

The country's reunification presented plenty of opportunity to expand. Today, City Clean employs around 600 staff in 18 locations throughout Germany. More than 80,000 clients nationwide rely on the services of City Clean. And if you keep an eye out, you will find the door mats donning the City Clean logo everywhere in Germany – in office buildings, storefronts, hotels and restaurants, as well as in public institutions.

We would like to thank the company City Clean for funding the “Time Travel on Potsdamer Platz” image gallery.

City Clean Schmutzfangmatte rot in Aktion City Clean Auto im Stadtgebiet